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Title of the project: "In_Food Quality"

Project nš: 2008-1-PT1-LEO05-00412 - IN_ Food Quality

Project Presentation
The present project aims to be a transfer process of the products, methodologies, practices and know-how achieved within IQA (Innovate For Food Quality) project. IQA is a project developed under the Community Initiative EQUAL, to overpass the training needs and consequently the difficulties to accomplish the Food Hygiene and Safety (FHS) legal requirements felt by the companies operating in the food sector.
From IQA, two products aroused:
- The product "FHS - Pedagogical Kit", which include training manuals of FHS and the resources connected to it (pedagogical games, videos, activities, etc.); a narrative of construction and implementation practices for training; a methodological guide to support the training's implementation.
- The product "Stamp Safe Food" aims to be a reward to all the enterprises that meet the FHS requirements established by the project.
The implementation of the products' project is based on three main phases:
1. Training sessions in FHS;
1.1. Training sessions to the leaders/responsibles in FHS;
1.2. Training sessions to the collaborators (food handlers).
2. Coaching Process to provide responsibles/leaders with the necessary competencies, achieving the company's objectives related to FHS.
3. Recognition of companies with the "Stamp Safe Food".
In this context, IN_Food Quality aims to be the continuation of IQA project at a European level. Its main objective is to help companies, mainly micro and small companies around Europe to improve their quality on FHS.
For this achievement, IN_Food Quality counts with a partnership, represented by organisation from different European countries: Portugal, Spain, Germany, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Romania. With this consortium, IN_Food Quality intends to play an important instrument to be used by the food sector operators, meeting the European directives regarding FHS.
General purpose ( "To support participants in training and further training activities in the acquisition and the use of knowledge, skills and qualifications to facilitate personal development")
Quality IN_Food The project aims to address the lack of technical skills inherent in the food sector, as well as failures at motivational and behavioral communication. To this end, the project is an integrated strategy of training, aimed at the food business, flexible and adjusted to their needs and at the same time, allows work to behavioral aspects of human resources. Thus, the training methodology IN_Food Quality aims to provide companies with critical capacity and training in the Health and Safety (HSA).

Specific objective ( "To improve the quality and to increase the volume of co-operation between institutions or organizations providing learning opportunities, enterprises, social partners and other relevant bodies throughout Europe).
The orientation of the European Union as regards the control of food, is that all stakeholders in the food chain should be subject to official controls. Thus, it is intended to ensure that foods reach the consumer are safe. To this end, the agri-food operators in all countries of the European Community, should meet certain preconditions, on a management policy of food security.
The fulfillment of these prerequisites by the agri-food businesses, especially micro and small enterprises, is still a common problem across Europe. Knowing these difficulties, the project aims IN_Food Quality:
- Increasing levels of compliance with requirements from the HSA in the food business in different countries who are the partner IN_Food Quality;
- Implement and promote in these countries, the "Seal Food Security" as a reference area with regard to compliance with requirements in HSA;
- European consumers aware about the importance of food safety.
To achieve these objectives, IN_Food Quality has a partnership at European level, with the participation of organizations from different countries - Germany, Bulgaria, Spain, Romania and Portugal. Quality IN_Food provide the opportunity for these organizations to exchange experiences and know-how between them, besides encouraging the establishment of informal partnerships with other agencies for action in the relevant sector in their countries.
- EPRALIMA, Portugal
- ACIAB, Portugal
- PREVIFORM, Portugal
- ESTG-IPVC, Portugal
- PROMAS, Romania
- Youth Centre of Haskovo, Slovakia
- TTZ, Germany
- OZ Pes, Spain


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