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About us

IntEMA Association
The association activates mainly in the field of professional training. Its main objectives are recognition and respect for the individuals` right to information and assuring socio-professional integration of all segments of population. These objectives translate in a variety of actions, such as:

1. Advocating for the rights and equal chances necessary to all segments of population, including non-literate, persons with disabilities, disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in order to facilitate an equitable access to personal development and career paths compatible with the work market dynamics and the principles of our modern society.
2. Developing and promoting professional management of projects concerning the community as a whole.
3. Supporting research in education, project and programme management, professional conversion and insertion strategies and promotion of human resources.
4. Educating all categories of population by means of lifelong learning on topics such as non-discriminating attitudes and tolerance.
5. Facilitating the participation of adults in education projects and programmes, developing and using the opportunities offered by programmes that promote self-made formative itineraries, as dictated by different social contexts.
6. Stimulating and promoting cooperation relationships with national and international organisms.

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