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About us

Promas is an education association from Craiova, Romania. Its main aim is facilitating access to learning and professional training as a way to enhance life quality. Our area of action is society as a whole in trying to tackle problems concerning human rights, active citizenship, tolerance, the importance of volunteering as well as an active involvement in local and regional issues, whether social, economic political or environmental. As one of our principles is the equality of chances, we always focus our actions on both people capable of performance and on disadvantaged categories in order to assure free access to education and training opportunities.
Promas focuses not only on formal, but also on informal and nonformal education. In this respect, we are an important actor in adult education. Our objectives in this area include creating channels for successful transition between initial education and further training and career paths which have to include a clear concept of guidance and counselling, facilitating access to knowledge for all by creating and disseminating knowledge and innovation to all possible target groups, helping learners to develop transversal competences such as social, civic, cultural and intercultural competences and entrepreneurship in order to adapt to our changing society and the requirements of the labour market.
We are also coordinators and partners in European projects included in the Lifelong Learning Programme, so we function both as receiving organisation and as sending organisation. Our members benefit from an important experience in this respect and this is why besides our projects we also offer professional consultancy and guidance in this field.
As part of our work within these projects, we organise training courses, work placements, exchange projects, socio-cultural programmes, seminars, public debates as well as other actions meant to inform the public. Our activity in this respect derives from the belief that educators and managers in this field should take into consideration the ever-changing needs of the students in order to assure a high level of quality in their formative itineraries.

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