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WE COLLABORATE: with the social, educational and professional institutions of the region.
WE ADDRESS: all the students, their parents, the teachers who want to apply the Vocational School Guidance in their schools, to all young people.
Advisory support for the students so that they could take better decisions concerning their future.
Information regarding study, jobs and job market.
Support for the teachers that want to apply the Vocational School Guidance in their schools.

Training seminars and meetings for the teachers that want to apply the Vocational School Orientation in their schools.
Seminars for the teachers who elaborate Projects about the Career Education and Equality Subjects

WE OFFER SUPPORT, valuable help, reliable and valid information for the students who think that it is difficult to decide what educational way they will follow, to young people who need information in matters of study, training and job market, to parents interested in the study and the professional future of their children, to teachers who need help in order to be more effective in the application of the Vocational School Guidance
In order to achieve these goals, the PROMAS Association:
" Develops and enhances the intellectual ability of its students through a wide range of academic subjects.
" Highlights students' personal qualities and attributes to enable them to respond to higher levels of academic learning.
" Equips students with the necessary intellectual skills and practical competencies to secure positions within the hospitality and tourism industry.
" Provides training in a comprehensive range of practical skills.
" Provides opportunities for work experience in the industry in order to enhance their knowledge and skills to an international quality standard.
" Teaches generic skills essential for a smooth transition into the world of work

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