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Grundtvig LLL Learning Partnership Project:
SIGNS - Seniors Input to Generations Dialogue in Education - 07/PAR/138/DJ/LT

Project partners

Vš? Švietimo ir kult?ros mobili?j? technologij? institutas, Vilnius, Lithuania
Polo Europeo della Conoscenza - Consiglio per l'integrazione educativa europea Verona, Italy
International Education and Management Association (IntEMA) , Craiova, Romania
Talsi District Adult Education Centre, Talsi, Latvia
Cooperativa de Ensino de Via Nova de Famalic?o, CRL, Portugal

Project duration: 2007-2009, 12 mobilities

Project aim

to improve European elderly people' education and their integration in society;
to enhance understanding of the European social and cultural background trough the interaction between the young and the elderly.
to increase the tolerance between different generations, to encourage creativity and interpretations and to learn by doing.




Project website

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